Cool Caves


Hidden away deep inside Earth’s crust is a magical subterranean world of caverns, such as these stunning examples

salt-mine-russiaPsychedelic salt mine

A former salt mine in Yekaterinburg, Russia, is now one of the world’s most colourful caves. More than 200 m (650 ft) underground, its patterned rainbow walls are caused by the mineral carnallite swirling in layers through the rock.

Crystal caves

Only discovered in 2000, the Cave of the Crystals in Mexico is part of the Naica Mine and is home to the largest crystals in the world. Some of the giant selenite crystals it contains have grown to more than 10 m (33 ft) in length.

cavesMarble marvels

Crashing waves have eroded and sculpted Patagonia’s Marble Caves. One of the caves is called the Marble Cathedral, after its distinctive sweeping arches. Eye-catching reflections of the shimmering blue water dance across white marble ceilings.



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    • The very first one is not at a Walmart period. If you look at the bags to the left of the girl they say Ralphs. Indicating the Ralphs grocery stores. What made me question the pcm was the baskets with the placard for items the grocery store sells. And then, the lane numbers above the cash registers. Several of the other photos are sit-ups as they do not show any other people around, which we all know Walmart stores are always busy. Some are real though.

  1. I live about 2 miles from a W/M super center and trust me this stuff is for real. One employee who I’ve yet to determine is male or female has a Mohawk and is covered with tatoos especially on ‘it’s face! Many of the other employees are a minimum of 350 plus pounds and other look like they escaped from the mental institution. As for shoppers it’s pretty much the same. They all remind me of the politicians , lawyers and Judges I know.

    • Even if you can’t decide if a person is male or female. He/she is a human being and calling someone an”it” is certainly discriminatory. And yes, fat people need jobs too and perhaps the ones you refer to a mentally ill may have a disability and are to be commended for wanting to earn a living.

      • Noting wrong with discrimination in and of itself. Personally I make it a habit of discriminating against red lights (I won’t go through them), and homosexual men (I won’t date them).

        We all discriminate, it’s unreasonable and unfair discrimination that’s wrong… and there is nothing wrong with calling someone like Bruce/Kaitlin Jenner an it.

        That being said there is also no reason to be rude, no matter how freaky someone at Wal-Mart (or anywhere else) is if they are behaving reasonably it’s only fair to be nice to them.

    • saying in breeder enough does not make it true, we are really talking about the way people dress in Walmart

  2. Walmart customers are what the neighborhood is I have 2 within 3-5 miles,,, Chicopee very very normal.. the second Boston road Springfield first you should have a Bullet proof vest and “packing a weapon so you can shoot back” And don’t expect do get a space to park if your handicapped, because the rule is not enforced and everybody parks in the H P space placard or not

  3. The Walmart in Deptford N.J. has everything shown here and more.Ringling Brothers Circus could not prevent more of a show of Freaks than this Walmart does including its employees including the Pharmacists who cant get a job in other pharmacies or have been fired by the other pharmacies so they work here.Great prices but at what cost.

    • Thumbs up… The stupid Southern Rebpublicans. Don’t relalize that social service cuts are against the ignorat, poor, not future voters not the rich republicans that brainwash them on Fox news.

  4. The Walmart in Deptford.N.J. is dirty and has some of the nastiest workers in the chain.Half there staff does not speak english and no one wants to help the customers.Is this really what Sam Walton had in mind, I think not.
    Walmart in Deptford N.J. rating. F.

    • .wm does have best halloween costume contest. But I did work at Walmart and seen afew people not dressed up for parties just everyday wear and looked funny. Plus they have contest for other stuff
      Just depends on store.I worked n owensville mo the old store (small) and we had fun doing stuff.small town small store. We as workers knew our customers by name. So dont put all stores down.

      • I agree Mary. My WM store is about 6 miles away in Fairhaven, MA. The workers are always nicely dressed and helpful and so far I have not seen one freak as the others have stated. So not all WM are the same thank god or I would not purchase there.

  5. I once asked a checker at a WM in Florida why the woman in front of me had 30+ items & was in a 10 item or less lane, & the checker looked at me like I was the crazy one.

    • It’s up to us customers to kick people with too many items out of the quick check out lines. The clerks might get fired for doing so in some stores.

    • Look around. There aren’t enough lanes open for money-spending shoppers. I won’t stand in line for 30 minutes to spend $80-$100 while the cheapo shoppers get to whiz through a fast lane. Ain’t gonna happen!

  6. So I heard my local SuperWalmart was going to start closing at midnight. I asked one of the associates….”Are you still 24 hours?” He replied “Yes, sir”. I asked…”Don’t you close at midnight?” he responded…”Only for 6 hours.” “But you ARE 24 hours?” “Yes, sir!.” That is when I realized one must have an advanced liberal arts degree to work at Walmart…LOL

  7. The one in Hickory NC is bad too, it’s like a Mexican Mall. The place reeks of their filth. And don’t forget all the trailer trash, adorned in their unc tarhole gear lol . I avoid it like the plague because that’s what it is, a cess pool of the underbelly of society.

  8. While this is entertaining, I have never seen anything like that at the Walmart stores in or around Charlotte, NC. Must be residents of the area. Glad to be in Charlotte.

  9. T Dog…not every one that lives in a mobile home is trash. i live in one..i am very clean and so is my home. just thought i would let you know there are some wonderful people living in mobile homes…

  10. The employees are just as funny especially when you ask them questions. And about the handicapped parking spaces – last winter I caught this young, athletic, tall, good looking employee parking in the handicapped parking spaces during her working hours because she was not wearing a coat in below freezing weather. I called her on it and now she leaves the area if she sees me coming because she knows I am going to remind her of it. Store supervisors, if you can call them that walk around with their “ring” of keys and walkie-talkies looking important and do not disturb their thoughts because you will get the nastiest look you ever got in your life for interrupting their “day-dream”……… Check-outs – well that is another book long subject when it comes to spending yoour money in WalMart. Poor Sam Walton – he definetly does NOT rest in peace when he sees what is happening to the business he created – a night mare……………………………..

  11. Where in the hell is this Wal-Mart. You would fall asleep as soon as you walk through the door. Tell me. I want to come. hehe haha

  12. We don’t have a Walmart close and I’ve never been to one. I guess, from the above, I should consider myself MOST fortunate, right?

  13. Whoa! Sorry to say, but it isn’t just Halloween costumes. I’ve seen an array of strangely dressed & lack there of at various Walmart stores in various states. Though shocking at first glance, appalling to see, I nearly always end up laughing & shaking my head. People are becoming stranger everyday!

  14. And you wonder how Obama got a second term….You are looking at his relatives who voted for him….The ones he let get into the country!!

    • It’s so amazing how you can relate these pictures to Obama winning second term… I bet you if we see a picture of you, you would probably be on the list too. And I’m sure these people are the one who did not vote for Obama. You ducking loser.

      • Hello “Me”! I agree with you 100%! I bet the same people that are commenting on Obama, insulting the people who need food stamps, allying Muslims with Obama in a hateful way, insulting trans-gendered people, are the very same people we are looking at in these pictures! HAHA!

  15. I go to my local W/M fairly often and have “thankfully” never seen any of these characters,
    I guess I don’t go to the right one….Some are downright scary…
    As for Caitlyn Jenner…PLEASE don’t make fun of her…. It’s cruel and un-called for… She is a human being doing what she feels is true to her….. I like her man/woman or transgendered as a woman..

  16. For nearly 20 years I lived within 10 miles of the Walmart home office and of course a super center. I know that every employee whom I ever dealt with was clean cut, courteous and knowledgeable. I have found that in many stores across the country that few or none of the home office’s standards are maintained. I have unfortunately moved away from Arkansas and rarely shop at a Walmart. Sam Walton must be spinning in his grave to see all of his work destroyed for the almighty buck.

  17. Management should have a sign outside addressing. Appropriate clothing as set forth by the store manager and refuse service to those that do not meet standards as per managers decision. This is before they enter thestoreand stopped at the door.

  18. Management needs to set a dress code as per managers policy, and those. That do not meet it should be stopped at the door with a sign outside and right to refuse service to those that are not appropriate.

  19. This is what is meant by “Land of the free.” “Home of the brave” might apply also–it may take a lot of guts to go out in public presenting such a display.

  20. Photo #13 is not taken in a Wal-Mart it’s in a convenience store. And guess what, FYI you want to know who set up the ‘People of Wal-Mart’ site?…Wal-Mart! It all started because yes sadly there where people who dressed weirdly coming into their stores so WM HQ got this kooky idea. Yes some photos on the site are of real people, but the majority of the more outrageously/shockingly/disturbingly/or just down right repulsively dressed(or lack there of)people now…are people Wal-Mart hires as ‘actors’. And as far as Sam Walton’s vision, well that departed this earthly plane when he did. I have been to 25 different Wal-Marts in 5 different states(mid-atlantic/mid-west region)yes I do shop but a couple of years ago I found myself going in for entertainment not so much from the customers but from the employees, who are at most piss poorly trained for the job if trained at all. They have NO customer relation skills what so ever, most of them are rude, ignorant, and have an attitude that would make the Pope slap them backwards. They have hardly any or no knowledge of the products in their stores let alone the department they ‘work’ in. A lot of them don’t speak American English, so when you ask a question(usually about prices sometimes there isn’t one to be found for the product or the product is in the wrong place)they look at you smile and walk away, well at least I get a smile…no answer, no help. Anywho…there are 4 or 5 Wal-Marts within a 5 mile radius of me and no matter which one I go no matter what time of the day, there is always at minimum 10 to 15 employees outside the main entrance on a smoke break(which looks real classy for a nation wide chain) Yes, while I do receive some entertainment while shopping at Wal-Mart, the vast amount of time spent in their stores results in homicidal frustration which always starts the minute I pull into the parking lot, so lets not talk about the issue of trying to find a space. Well I guess I just can’t say enough wonderful things about Wal-Mart except for the fact that it used to be wonderful until Sam Walton’s death, the poor man(metaphorical)hadn’t even been in the ground an hour and the kids had already sold the chain off to the highest bidder. I hope he’s haunting the hell out each one of them.

  21. Waite til the Muslims start taking out he infidels. These will all be gone, of course along with the restive us. Tawas City, MI has the same kind of weirdo’s. They must come out of the woods up there, because I don’t see that kind of crap in the other stores. There has been for some time time now pictures of people like this. The foreign countries must send them to Obama, and he disperses them throughout the country. These are his kind of America, he wants.

  22. I worked at Walmart for 4 yrs.. Customers that came into the store were the best part of the job. I used to wonder if they were real too but now I know!

    Some of the managers were just as bad. I was fired for telling a customer she couldn’t spray a clearly labeled can of paint! Yes, signs were posted but she still wanted to try the .99 can of paint!

  23. I have 4 Walmarts in my general vicinity and I shop there often for the prices. I have never seen any strange clothed or weird people, ever, in any of them. I live in WA state, so maybe it’s because I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! I don’t know!

  24. I go Walmart a least 3 times a week and no body looks like this. the number 13 is not a Walmart, it looks like a smallmini mart. Walmart does not stack it counters like this.