What Color Is This Jacket?

Remember this?


Last year, the virtual world was busy arguing over the color of this dress. Finally, somehow the debate ended and everybody calmed down – even though some of them still didn’t understand how it could be blue, black, white or golden.

This year, it seems like the story is about to repeat itself. This time, with something a bit more sporty:


All it took for the photo to become viral was a quick disagreement between two friends on Tumblr over this Adidas jacket. Shortly after the blogger posted the photo,┬áthe social media went crazy all over again – feels just like deja-vu!

While some are concerned over the color of the jacket, the more paranoid ones created some interesting theories. How could it be that 2 debates start on the same topic at the same time, one year after another? Well, that’s yet another reason for people to argue all over the social media.

And if the tension wasn’t great enough, the online poll results show a much tighter score than those from last year. In 2015, 70% of people believed that the dress was black and blue while 30% claimed to see white and golden.

As for the jacket, the majority thinks that it is blue and white – but almost just as many people see it as black and golden. In fact, it seems that everybody sees the colors differently, from grey to pink, brown and even green!

Adidas has yet to confirm the real colors of the jacket. Up until then, beware, a whole series of internet debates are about to begin!