Why Does This Jeep Cost $250,000?

It has seen action in both Iraq and Afghanistan, but now, 30 years after its introduction, the US Army has retired its fleet of iconic Humvees. The military vehicle will be replaced by the Oshkosh Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, a 300 out on top after proving to be faster JLTV is clad in a landmines, meaning US Army plans to $250,000.

The JLTV horsepower jeep-tank hybrid, which came a bruising selection process. As well as and more agile than its competitors, the special armour designed to defend against it is better adapted to a desert terrain. The buy 55,000 of the vehicles, each costing is due to enter service in 2018.


PROTECTIVE SHELL – External armour is designed to offer similar levels of protection as a lightweight tank. It should be able to withstand landmines and artillery fire.

WORKLOAD – Fully laden with equipment and a four-man crew, the JLTV weighs in at around 8.1 tons. Its range is around 300 miles at a top speed of 69mph.

WEAPONRY – A missile launcher and machine gun mount are also part of the jeep’s equipment.




  • Bob Tucker Jul 25, 2016 at 11:49 pm

    I want one.