10 Strange British Laws

  1. Eating chocolate on the Tube was once illegal thanks to a peculiar 19th century English bylaw. Even more strangely, the edict applied solely to women riding on the London Underground.


  1. Wearing socks within 100 metres of a monarch was made illegal by Elizabeth I, who also banned shirts with “outrageous double ruffs” being worn at the Royal Court. James I later repealed the law.


3. Being drunk on licensed premises is forbidden by the Licensing Act of 1872 – in other words, you can’t be inebriated at the pub. Luckily for modern-day revellers, this rule is rarely enforced.


  1. Queue-jumping in ticket lines is illegal if instructed to join a ticket queue by an authorised staff member, according to the Transport for London Railway Bylaws.


  1. Writing a critical reference in the UK is technically illegal due to our libel laws, unless the negative comments can be proven. For this reason, many firms will simply refuse to comment on a bad employee rather than risk ending up in court.