Island in the Sky – Mount Roraima, South America

mount-roraima-1Imagine a paradise island floating above the clouds and two billion years in the making. Welcome to Mount Roraima in South America, one of the world’s oldest mountain formations, with panoramic views across the borders of Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana.

Mount Roraima is the highest peak in the dramatic Pakaraima mountains, considered some of the oldest geological formations ever known. Native Americans believe their gods inhabit these lush mountains, so they call the peaks tepuis, which translates in local Pemón as “houses of the gods”.

Tumbling topebble-toadads. Mount Roraima is home to a diverse array of animals and plants. The
strangest species living here are black pebble toads, said to predate the dinosaurs. Found in 1895, these tiny toads have limited mobility. Unable to swim or hop, they roll themselves into balls and bounce off rocks to escape attackers.