Fairy Chimneys – Cappadocia, Turkey

fairy-chimneys-1These magical stone structures transform the Turkish terrain of Cappadocia into a fairy kingdom. Carved by the forces of nature, countless ancient rock formations tower over the surrounding valleys and villages.

Fairy chimneys have explosive origins. Millions of years ago, volcanic activity resulted in layers of soft sedimentary rock, topped by a hard layer of basalt. At the mercy of wind and rain, the soft rock eroded gradually, transforming the landscape into distinctive shapes, including cones, columns, and mushrooms. Local people turned the chimneys into buildings, styling houses, churches, and monasteries inside the rock.

Fairytale Hotels

Some of the larger fairy chimneys have been hollowed out and sculpted into unique boutique hotels. With cave-like rooms offering views of the colossal chimneys, visitors can enjoy the most authentic experience of Cappadocia.

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