Superhumans: Tower of Strength – Spain

human-towerSince the 18th century a fascinating festival has taken place in Spain’s Catalonia region. Here, human tower building is a competitive sport, in which courageous castellers (builders) attempt to create a formation that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

At this twice-yearly arena event, teams of castellers work together to build the most impressive human towers as quickly as possible. The last member in position raises one hand with four fingers outstretched to represent the Catalan flag. Top marks go to the most intricate tower to be assembled and dismantled successfully.

Double Celebration

The Spanish love a party – inhabitants of the town of Bérchules in Spain celebrate the new year twice a year. A power cut on 31 December 1994 ruined the usual festivities, so they had another New Year’s Eve party in August. The tradition continues to this day.