Weird Traditions: Food Fight Festival – Spain

la-tomatinaTomatoes are weapons of war at the annual La Tomatina, the messiest date on Spain’s festival calendar. This celebratory fruit-fest is now the world’s biggest food fight. Armed with an endless supply of squashed tomatoes, thousands of participants prepare for pelting!

Since 1945 the town of Buñol has become a crimson tide of tomatoes on the last Wednesday of August, though no one knows why the event started. A water cannon fires and battle begins. Tomatoes are thrown in all directions for an hour before the lengthy clean-up operation gets underway.

melon-festivalMelon Madness

The fruit of choice at the Chinchilla Festival in Australia is the watermelon. Taking centre stage every other February, watermelons are celebrated in a number of activities, with melon skiing, melon tossing, and pip spitting all on the menu.