Unusual Architecture: Basket Building – Ohio, USA


More than 4 million real Longaberger baskets would fit inside the building.

Although it looks like the food hamper from a giants’ picnic, this is a basket-shaped building open for business. Completed in 1997, the award-winning architectural achievement in Ohio, USA, is the brainchild of basket entrepreneur Dave Longaberger.

Founder of the USA’s Longaberger Company, Dave Longaberger dreamed up the idea to house his offices inside the world’s biggest basket. The building is a scaledup version of the handcrafted maple wood baskets manufactured and distributed by Longaberger. Inside the lavish seven-storey building in Newark, Ohio, are marble floors, cherry woodwork, and a sweeping staircase.

Advertiser’s Dream

The USA is crammed with business buildings designed to showcase the products on sale inside. Twistee Treat’s ice cream outlets are shaped like cones, Kansas City Library’s car park resembles a book shelf, and Furnitureland in North Carolina ooks like a chest of drawers.