Unusual Sightings – Bicycle Tree


The tree appears to have grown around the bike, but many argue the tree could not have lifted the bike from the ground because trees grow from the top, not the trunk.

Whoever got on this bike definitely reached the end of the road. No one knows how these wheels got stuck in a tree, and the mystery still drives locals barking mad years later.

The riddle of the bicycle up a tree is legendary in Vashon Island, USA. One story goes that a boy tied his bike to the tree before going to war in 1914, while town sheriff Don Puz is sure he left the bike behind in the 1950s. Sceptics insist it is nothing more than a hoax.

Temple Trees

The Buddhist temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia are a stunning structural spectacle, but trees are the star attraction at one crumbling temple. Ta Prohm is a fusion of nature and architecture, where the great roots of silk cotton and strangler fig trees grow through the ruined roof.