Make Your Second Date Splendid with These Ideas


Are you a winner of the first-date game? Fabulous. Everyone is mad about first dates but we almost never get to thinking about second ones. Yet this time, it is even more important to demonstrate your best self. You see, the fact you’ve gone through the first romantic meeting smoothly doesn’t guarantee you are already in a relationship. Experts from Vava Brides know how to assist you! See the top 9 ideas to amaze your crush below.

  1. Visit a live music show

Music makes human hearts beat as one; frankly speaking, I’ve never met people who didn’t enjoy live concerts in evening. Do your tastes overlap? This is normally to be clarified right from the beginning. Search for performances in the street or hit up some good bar.

  1. Go for a bike trip

Regardless of whether you live in a big city or in a countryside, it won’t be difficult to organize. Motion is living, and joint motion helps chemistry between two lovers boost. Likewise, it is definitely healthier than sitting in the car or eating pizza and watching TV shows.

  1. Sail away

Taking a small cruise as the sun sets is pretty romantic. Yet there are certain restrictions as well: if none of you knows how to steer a vessel, you’d better choose some other program. As an alternative, you can rent a rowboat. And check out what’s the weather gonna be in advance!

  1. Have a movie night

Does your partner-to-be love exactly the same things as you? Or, maybe, you want to see some new blockbuster together with this special person? A movie marathon isn’t just about staring at the screen but about extensive communication and opinion sharing.

  1. Play truth or dare

Well, the second date is the time for getting even closer. If the first date left you with some questions, you’ll have a perfect opportunity to receive the answers – in the case your mate agrees to talk about these subjects, of course.

  1. Head to the zoo

If nature attracts you both, why not spending a day in it?  This isn’t precisely like walking in the wild; however, you two can have a really good time staring at animals and birds of different kinds.

  1. Go to a sports game

There’s nothing bad about watching it at home together or at a local bar with friends but nothing raises your adrenaline more effectively than visiting a stadium. You are likely aware of each other’s preferences so let your emoting go wild!

  1. Travel across your nearby area

Your second time as a couple is great for playing tourists as well. Perhaps, it’s too early for a vacation but good for exploring the nearest attractions of any kind.  Take a car – or a train to strengthen the atmosphere – and share the adventure.

  1. Pick classes

I’m not talking about any school or university classes: take a look at some that develop your creativity. Have you ever wanted to try ball dances, or craft, or culinary? Doing this in a pair is much more entertaining.