Method-2: Monster Mech

method-2Say hello to Method-2, a four-metre-high mech that has been built by Korea Future Technologies. It’s hoped that it will one day be able to enter hazardous regions where humans cannot venture.

This latest model was completed at the end of last year with the help of conceptual designer Vitaly Bulgarov. Its sci-fi appearance is no accident, as Bulgarov’s previous projects include the films Transformers 4 and Terminator: Genisys.

Method-2 currently obeys the commands of a human pilot, who sits inside and controls the mech using hand gestures and a pair of joysticks. Despite its size, the bot is surprisingly supple. Its articulated hand and finger joints should one day allow it to carry out precise movements. Currently, the 1.3-tonne machine has to be tethered to a power supply, but there are already plans to take it into real-world scenarios such as disaster relief and cargo handling in the next few years.