A Grand Retirement

dippy-the-dinosaurEver since the grand unveiling in 1905, the colossal skeleton of Dippy the Diplodocus has been one of the stars of the Natural History Museum, and she’s welcomed visitors to the Hintze Hall since the 1970s. So there was something of a commotion when the museum announced last year that Dippy was due to be retired.

But it’s not goodbye for good. The last chance to see this replica skeleton in London will be 4 January 2017, but Dippy is already gearing up for a UK tour. Beginning in early 2018, Dippy will be visiting eight carefully selected locations across the UK, including Dorchester, Rochdale, Belfast, Glasgow and Cardiff.

Meanwhile, replacing Dippy in the Hintze Hall from summer 2017 will be the real skeleton of a blue whale, suspended from the ceiling. Name suggestions on a postcard please…