Canary Islands Cloudforest – Garajonay National Park

garajonay-national-parkThe Canary Islands’ sunny skies, lunar landscape and black and white sands make it the perfect place for the family to catch some affordable winter sun, but it’s also home to Garajonay National Park, where the ancient laurel rainforests are so dense, subtropical and mist-soaked, you expect dinosaurs to appear. If you’re holidaying on the popular island of Tenerife, take the ferry over to La Gomera then catch a taxi up to the forest. The islands are also one of the top three year-round whale and dolphin spotting destinations in the world.

As well as the resident bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales, a raft of migratory species pass through Canarian waters, not to mention turtles, sharks and rays. Whales and Dolphins of Tenerife runs ethical trips and if you book with them, you’ll also be supporting conservation projects in the region.