Visalus Shakes Side Effects

Visalus is one of the most popular weight loss shakes on the current market. Therefore, every day many people disturb Google spending hours browsing the true information about this product. Comments and reviews written by real people are looked through in order to know whether visalus works. However, the majority of unprofessional articles cannot provide every person with all the info, so he or she would not do harm to himself/herself. Some so-called boring topics that in most cases do not influence the better spread of the product are omitted in the majority of resources. One of these is side effects. As it was a challenge to find this essential point in the search at once, here are the side effects below. Each clever and healthy person is obliged to read this before trying the drink.


Point out that side effects come with the ingredients, even the most nutritious and vital for our body.

  1. Thyroid disorders


That is right. This product contains a large amount of soy. The soy protein isolate to be clear. Interestingly, this is one of the main active ingredients in the shake considering an aim and a name of the drink. You may say that soy is a natural product and wonder how the products the Earth gives can pose health risks. However, many scientists proved this fact. An excessive amount of soy may slow the thyroid and lead to different hormone diseases. This especially for those who suffer from iodine deficiency. If you are, we strongly advice to eliminate soy as well the shake from your daily ratio.

  1. Pregnancy issues

pregnancy issues

Unfortunately, Visalus is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing. The main reason is soy again. The fact that all the soy is said to be genetically modified among the US even sounds in a scary way. The disadvantages of the GMO products are already well known. Among them, we can find allergies, cancer and antibiotic resistance. The prolonged taking in of this ingredient cannot even be predicted. All of that is dangerous for an adult to say nothing about a baby.

  1. Weak immune system

weak immune system

Soy protein isolate came along here as well. There is no point proving how important for our body the host defense is. However, nowadays the researchers proved the relation between the immune system and stress, cancer and even autism. Therefore, a simple sneeze can turn into a serious trouble for your organism. Trust us, the endless vitamins and minerals would hardly save the situation. Take it into account next time you would like to simply drop a size.

  1. Other various diseases


Kidney stones, breast cancer and so on. That is because of the artificial flavors in formula and, again, soy. In order, to get rid of these effects, try drinking more water than this shake. Water is a natural antioxidant and is likely to get you rid of the bad influence of the majority of ‘bad’ components here.

Despite the fact, that, fortunately, there are no messages on the net from those who became the victims of Visalus, it does not mean this is not happening. Such processes as side effects may be defined in years after drinking. Mind what you drink and take care!