The Real Meaning Behind These 10 Rose Colors


You probably have heard many times that “a rose is a rose is a rose”, but according to flower experts it isn’t quite true. The rose is the most popular flower in the U.S. and it has many different meanings depending on the color of its bloom.

The language of flowers, also named floriography, was all the rage in the Victorian period. In those times, giving someone flowers was more than just a gift, because each flower had a different meaning, that could be used to communicate someone how you truly felt, without using your words. Back then, roses symbolized love, just as they do today. Whether it’s romantic or just a friendship, it depends on the color you’re choosing.

Roses are red and violets are blue, but actually, roses can be also blue, pink, yellow or even black. If that’s the case, which color should you choose? You should take into consideration what each color symbolizes.

“Roses are the perfect embodiment of love, but their colors have a different meaning, which can help customers choose the perfect arrangement for their Valentine,” explains Alfred Palomares, Vice President of Merchandising at

Here are the most common rose colors, find out what each color symbolizes! From friendship to passion, here’s what every rose color actually signifies.

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