The Top 10 Sexiest Women of All Time


Each year, certain magazines reveal their list of the most beautiful and sexy celebrities of all time. From the prettiest actresses to the hottest singers, models, we are ranking the best of the best stars of all time. Not only they’re so beautiful and good-looking, but also they’ve lived more in their lives than others in centuries.

Here’s a list of the top 10 sexiest women of all time. Feel free to tell us in comments who’s your favorite!

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107 thoughts on “The Top 10 Sexiest Women of All Time”

        1. Rick Lindsey

          I agree with Jay. Nancy Pelosi is rather sexy being an older women. I guarantee you she was very hot as a young woman.

      1. Mary Jane Hearn Diseker

        She’s good for America with Marilyn Monroe Grace and a sweet little girl no one can truly destroy one of the Good Lord’s followers! Grace!

    1. And Raquel Welch! Much prettier & sexy than Marilyn Monroe! Marilyn’s sexiness came from her breathy speech. Don’t understand why ’cause it just sounded like someone with emphysema!

    2. *Loved Dorothy Danrdigde in “Carmen Jones”……Sophia had the best set of boobs…..BB was too eternal for words…..Marilyn wins overall….for all her different looks each and every movie she ever did. Loved Claudia Cardanelli in those Steve Reeves Muscle Movies like “Ulysses” too. But a real sneaker is Lynn Collins in John Carter.

    3. This is a sham! There is only one black woman and it seem the only that this has a common denominator for is whiteness.

    4. Yes sir, Dorothy Dandridge was a rear beautiful gem that didn’t achieve the notoriety that the white actresses of her time received because of her race.

      1. You are sick…Jackie Kennedy was to busy hiding her husbands indiscretions…money talks!!!
        We have a beautiful First Lady…kind, caring and intelligent…can you speak 3 languages.
        Can you imagine where this country would be today if the liberals had control? It’s one thing to be loyal to your party, but if you love your country and you want to see it prosper, you had better do some soul searching. Our country is better off today with President Trump, than it has ever been…even after going through this pandemic. Save your nasty comments for other nasty people like you!!!

        1. Higinio Albelo Jr

          Joyce, your brain is mush from smoking all of that cheap Republican weed. BTW, the only time we were worse off was during The Great Depression. Trump’s become a global clown, and the laughing stock of the world. He is incompetent, lacks basic understanding of American history, American laws or anything whatsoever of running the country! Dump Trump and lets make America Great again.

    1. Greggory Pfister

      What about granny Clampett? She is lean and agile, and could hook you up with some tasty vittles.

      1. Don’t you mean Michael Obama? #ObamaGate is really covering Michaels testicles. Trumps wife way more beautiful.

      2. I have tried to forget that racist pig. She HATES all white people and said the only time she was proud of America was when Odumba was elected.

  1. When the movie Dr Shivago came out, I think every red-blooded American boy fell in love with Julie Christie. She was spectacularly beautiful and in addition an excellent actor. When Rod Steiger treated Lara so nastily, I was (along with many others) anxious to whip his ass!! And Lara’s Theme on the baliliaka was heart-warming and heart-breaking at the same time. What a movie!!

  2. My favorite all time lady is Audrey Hepburn she had Grace and on top of that she was a great humanitarian

  3. Ann-Margret, Raquel Welch, Angie Dickinson, Lana Turner, Betty Grable, Lola Folana, Joey Heatherton, Claudia Cardinale…just to name a few!

    1. Ann Margaret should have been close to number 1. If you never saw her in those shorts in that Elvis Presley movie!!! Whoa!! That was one of the sexiest entrances in history and has caused many a young man to adjust himself in his seat!

  4. The foreign born first lady prettier than the 10 listed above! HAHA HA! Politically motivated reply. I suppose you’re also gonna say Trump is a stud muffin. Get lost

  5. Your list did not include Diana Rigg, by far the most sensuous woman ever to appear on television, so your list doesn’t mean squat.

    1. Kenneth Cutshall

      Ya….where is rin-tin-tin, Lassie, Old Yeller and the dog that lives in a shoe. Just to name a few.

  6. If we’re talking sexy, not drop dead gorgeous, my vote goes to Princess Di. Sexy, cool, not manipulating and a good mother, too.

    1. There is no woman in this world more beautiful than our 1st Lady nor will there ever be. She’s kind, such a CLASSY LADY,(unlike Michelle Obama). She is not out there flapping and foaming at her mouth, and waving and makes sure she will be heard and seen, no big mouth, has a heart, fantastic wife, has morels, has values, holds her head high, wonderful mother, and I’m sure her son is so very proud of his mother, she’s a picture of perfection and absolutely beautiful inside and out. And she believes in GOD. No woman will ever be as beautiful as our 1st Lady.
      The #1 most beautiful woman in this world,
      Melania Trump.
      She s a beautiful lady all around with a beautiful soul in every sense of the word.
      Very honored and proud to have Melania Trump as our 1st Lady.
      Your beyond beautiful Melania.
      She glows she’s so beautiful.
      You are very loved and respected.

  7. Genna Corsentino

    I think that Barbara Stanwick and Lauren Bacal were also very sexy women. Marlena Dietrich and Jane Russell were also
    very sexy women!!! Lana Turer and Gina Lollobrigida.

  8. Major Ted Mc Neel Sr. USMC Ret

    You folks have really missed the boat: Elizabeth Taylor without a doubt from preteen to womanhood.

  9. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder All women are beautiful in one way or another. Most of the women he picked are sex symbols.

    1. Gawd, you hit the nail right on the head! Beautiful outlook. You give all women a chance by citing the many different attributes a woman can have to make themselves attractive to anyone. I love it. 🥰

  10. Oh all those beautiful actresses nobody’s mentioned Goldie Hawn and I know she’s beautiful she can be sexy should be funny and she has a good person all that in one package yeah the most beautiful woman in the world in her time

  11. First place, I can’t decide between Monica Bellucci or Sophia Loren. Such amazing Italian beauties. Naomi Campbell would be next. Something about that perfect ebony skin makes this ol’ white boy sit up and take notice. She’s just absolutely stunning.

  12. Nancy Pelosi is not a nit wit, she is a gross ingnoramous…which is 144 times worse than a regular ignoramous!

  13. Almost every women mentioned here was drop dead gorgeous! My all time favorite is Elizabeth Taylor. It’s too bad some of you can’t just say who you liked best and forget about adding such cruel insults for some of the names mentioned. Shame on you!

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