9 Crazy Facts About The Coronavirus Outbreak

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The Whistleblower Scientist Was Killed By COVID-19

It looks like the coronavirus is trying to eliminate any witnesses. It’s quite ironic that Li Wenliang has died after contracting COVID-19. Li was a Chinese doctor who worked at the Wuhan Central Hospital and he was extremely vocal about the dangers of the emerging virus.

Around December 30, 2019, Li warned the fellow doctors about the possibility of an outbreak, but the Chinese police advised him to stop “making false comments” in a government attempt of sweeping the situation under the rug.

After his unfortunate death, a big part of the Chinese population was very upset. They created the hashtags “Wuhan government owes Dr. Li Wenliang an apology” and “We want freedom of speech” to trend on Weibo, a Chinese social media website. However, the Chinese government was quick to censor both hashtags.

This controversy only adds more fuel to the difficult relationship between Chinese authorities and the population.

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  1. Fact that Dr. Li Wenliang, the Whistleblower was killed by the very virus he wanted to tell the world was coming. He was ostracized, of course!

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