9 Crazy Facts About The Coronavirus Outbreak

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You Are Not Immune Even After Surviving The First Encounter With The Coronavirus

Unfortunately, when it comes to the coronavirus, the “can lightning strike the same place twice.” If you got the virus and you were able to bounce back, it doesn’t mean that now you’re safe, because you can get it again. Recently, a Japanese woman was diagnosed with COVID-19 for the second time. She’s a bus tour guide in Osaka, which makes her more exposed to the infection because she gets in contact with numerous people daily.

Additionally, it makes the development of an effective vaccine less viable, but scientists still try to figure out how the coronavirus can infect the same person twice.

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  1. Fact that Dr. Li Wenliang, the Whistleblower was killed by the very virus he wanted to tell the world was coming. He was ostracized, of course!

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