30 Random Facts So Interesting You’ll Be Shocked – PART 2

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19. Harriet Tubman was even more heroic than you thought.

You probably already know that Harriet Tubman was a former slave who became a political abolition activist. But in addition to smuggling escaped slaves through the Underground Railroad, she was the first woman to lead an armed assault during the Civil War. She organized and conducted a number of raids and was known to carry a revolver for personal safety.


20. Tornadoes can cause “fish rain.”

Tornadoes can grow just as well over water as they can over land. They ‘re called “waterspouts” when they do, and they suck up large amounts of lake or sea water— as well as anything that’s swimming in that water. If the water is going to land and the winds are going down, there’s nowhere for those fish to go but down. As far as we know, there is no tornado that is strong enough to suck up sharks, but a fish-nado is certainly plausible.

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