Costco Bakery Secrets Everyone Should Know


1. Uncooked pastries

“You can request boxes of uncooked pastries and cookies for about 50 percent of the listed price,” says personal finance writer Bella Wanana. “It is a great money-saving deal if you don’t mind spending ten to 15 minutes at home with your oven.”


2. You can save money by purchasing frozen goods

Costco offers both pre-cooked and frozen goods, so you can choose which one you prefer most. “For many of Costco’s bakery items, the store sells both fresh and frozen versions,” says Tasia Duske, CEO of Museum Hack.

“The frozen versions tend to cost less and have a longer shelf life. As a rough example, you may be able to buy a box of fresh cookies at $0.35 or so per cookie. The same cookies, frozen, may be as little as $0.19 each.”

7 thoughts on “Costco Bakery Secrets Everyone Should Know”

  1. Patricia Tolley

    I and many of my friends loved the bags of dinner rolls at Costco. What a blessing not to have to bake rolls for a crowd on holidays. And now they are no longer there…..will they be back????

  2. We loved the bakery department’s TORTAS. The were delicious and we bought them at the Temecula store. Last week they were discontinued. Bad decision. They are softer and more enjoyable than the ciabbata rolls. Please reconsider!!!!!

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