10 Things You Shouldn’t Order From Hotel Room Service

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Fried foods

Knudsen suggests avoiding fried chicken, quesadillas, and calamari. But he says Buffalo chicken is ok to order. “Although fried, they cannot be overcooked,” says Knudsen. “Plus, the hot tossed sauce keeps them warmer longer.”

Fried foods don’t hold up very well under lids, so you might have to eat soggy fries. And what could be more disappointing than cold, soggy fries?


Steamed veggies

Choosing steamed veggies when ordering room service is a healthy choice and the perfect way to eat your vegetables while being on vacation.

However, “items like broccoli, and even squash and carrots sweat under a hospitality cover and become nothing more than flat colors on a plate by the time they reach a guest room,” Kelly Merritt, author of The Everything Family Guide to Budget Travel, told Southern Living. Instead, try the soup of the day, says Knudsen.

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