You’re Most Likely to Contract COVID From These 4 Places, According to Specialists


House parties and gatherings

Now that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, maybe it’s not the best approach to think about celebrating it with your whole family and closest friends like previous years. Especially now that we’ve entered the colder season, indoor get-togethers are the most fertile grounds for spreading COVID-19. So if you thought it’s the same to invite some friends to your house, the reality is totally different.

Even though you might know every guest that enters your home, you can’t know where these people have been and who they’ve been in contact with. Therefore, any house party or gathering, no matter the size, can turn into a huge disaster.

The fact that Thanksgiving and the holiday season is about to come is very concerning. According to Leo Nissola, MD, “People will inevitably gather indoors, socialize with groups of people, and, unfortunately, fail to practice safety measures like physically distancing and wearing masks. With the virus running unopposed, these next three months are going to be a real challenge. Attending indoor gatherings is just simply a bad idea.”

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3 thoughts on “You’re Most Likely to Contract COVID From These 4 Places, According to Specialists”

  1. Have not been anyplace but the grocery store. Wear a mask wash hands. Staying at home with husband. Both of us retired. Am not sick.

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