26 Businesses With Hilariously Inappropriate Names

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Mistakes are human nature, it’s normal and everyone makes them every once in a while.

Sometimes we get to witness some of them and can’t help but laugh to the point of tears. Certain businesses have thought to themselves it would be a good idea (and a pretty risky one if you ask me) to name themselves in a ”funny” way.

We’ve decided to share them with you so you can decide for yourself if they are indeed hilarious, or have they crossed a line?

Brighten up your day with these hilarious businesses who made the wrong choice when they decided to choose the following names for their businesses.

1. The ”Poo-Ping Palace” Thai Restaurant

We are not trying the beef, that’s for sure!

2. A liquor store called ”S.T.D Wines & Liquors”
3. A hair salon named ”Curl P & Dye”
4. The ”Three K Cabinets”

This is just wrong.

5. ”Kids*xchange”(I am just as confused and disturbed as you are)
6. Dot Drilling was maybe too excited about our holes with their ”Your Hole Is Our Goal” slogan

At least it’s someone’s goal!

7. A wood stripping business called ”Jack The Stripper”

Okay, we admit it, we laughed at this one harder than we should’ve.

8.  A restaurant called ”Mr. Piss”
9. Servicio de Hosteleria Industrial de Terrassa also know as ”S.H.I.T”

That says a lot about their services though.

10. Want some noodles? Why don’t you try ”Pho King Way”
11. If you want some fishing equipment, check out ”Master Bait & Tackle”
12. A pizza shop from ”Herpes pizza”

Really?! At this point I think they don’t even care about good marketing.

13. ”Big D*ck’s Halfway Inn”

We’re halfway done with this.

14. Get some pancakes from ”Full of Crepe”

I guess we’re not buying their donuts. (pun intended)

15. And fish and chips from ”A Salt & Battery”

What on Earth did the fish DO?!

16. A pet grooming facility in Atlanta called ”Doggie Style Atlanta”

We’re curious how it’s done in Atlanta.

17. A barbershop called ”Jack the Clipper”. What is it with the fascination around Jack The Ripper?!
18. ”The Golden Shower” restaurant

Definitely NOT getting a soup or a drink from here.

19. ”Hotel Kuntz”

We know where we’re booking our stay.

20. ”An*s Stores”
21. ”Get Stuffed”

No, thank you, I’m good.

22. ”Dirty D*cks” Crab House

We hope the health inspector paid THEM a visit.

23. ”Fart”

Jesus, not in public.

24. ”Hand Job Nails & Spa”
25. We are definitely trying the ”Pussies & Bitches” Pet shop
26. ”Servix”

No, this isn’t a gynecologist’s office.


Final Word

Some of these made you laugh, some made you even tear up, but some just made you say: ”What’s wrong with these people?!”. We’re wondering the same thing!

But the big question remains: Is this just good PR or are they THAT blind? In the case of some of them we pray it’s the last one, cause no one should put that out there.

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