10 Mind Blowing Facts About The Human Body

Photo by Dejan Dundjerski from shutterstock.com

7. When you listen to music your heart rate and breathing sync up

Studies have found that depending on the music we listen to, a change and improvement in our heart rate, blood pressure and respiration can be observed.

Songs with crescendos rhythm increases levels of blood pressure, heart rate and the whole cardiovascular system.

Songs with a decrescendos rhythm decrease those levels.

8. During pregnancy a women’s brain gets smaller

A study published a few years ago showed that during pregnancy women’s brain tends to shrink by losing some grey matter. This loss amplifies maternal feelings and responsibility.

9. Our stomach has its own nervous system

When people say trust your gut they know what they’re talking about. It’s the single organ that has a nervous system.

10. Our mood can be influenced by stomach bacteria

The bacteria present in our gut can have a big impact on brain chemistry, pain and stress perception, neural development.

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