6 Urban Myths That Are Based In Reality

Image By Alex Fu From Pexels

As kids, we all heard about those stories about the boogeyman that will come get you, about the monsters in the closets, and there always seemed to be an abandoned house on some street where something horrible happened and it was now haunted. Or where some poor old man was deemed unsettling and the kids made up stories about him to scare each other. We all heard about them, but did you know most of them to hold a grain of truth?

Urban myths have been around since forever and depending on the state they can get very specific. We all probably heard about Bloody Mary, the Mothman, and other ghosts and cryptids, but what is sometimes surprising is that they are actually rooted in reality. The story just got spun so many times that it became something out of a fantasy novel, rather than the news coverage or historic tale it once was.

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