10 COVID-19 Myths You Have To Stop Believing

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As we are well into the COVID-19 pandemic, we have heard a number of claims and theories about the virus. The internet is full of myths and what-ifs about what the coronavirus can do, who or what created it, and what the immunization vaccines will do to you. Even people who were not anti-vaxxers before somehow fell for some of them!

From normal people who are scared and do not understand how the virus works, to hoax medicines and celebrities that spread misinformation like wildfire, there is an abundance of coronavirus fiction out on the internet. We have gathered a number of COVID-19 myths that people still somehow believe, and debunked them so you can share them with your friends or family that are still skeptics.

Do not worry, the information presented is based on what the CDC or WHO has said, so it’s not just our thoughts on these matters.

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