6 Craziest Things People Found In The Trash

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4. Cash

We all probably threw away something we should not have at one point or another in our lives. If anything, there are some of us that are scared of doing that every time they take the garbage out, especially the one in an office! Who knows what could have accidentally ended up in the trash, and it was actually an important document. Yet, I bet none of us actually threw away stacks of cash.

Yet, there is one person who found 4,000$ in cash, hidden in a cereal box in the back of a dumpster. Anyone would consider that the best day of their life! That is until you realize that someone else lost that money and they probably really need it back. Thankfully, the man who found it remembered that the local gypsies were cleaning out their caravan and then went to talk to them about the box. It was indeed theirs, and the man ended up being a hero, returning the money to the rightful owners!

5. A meth lab

A whole meth lab. With how bad the drug problem has gotten over the years, in some parts of cities, the trash collectors are no strangers to finding all sorts of weird stuff in the dumpsters, from needles to actual drugs, drug paraphernalia is nothing new. However, what IS crazy is finding an active lab that makes drugs just out of the blue.

An addict had cooked meth and then left all the ingredients, including the open flame, in the back of a garbage truck! When the driver returned and wanted to get back in the vehicle, the whole truck exploded because of the flame. Thankfully the driver was not injured, just scared out of his mind (as would anyone be).

We bet he started checking in the back of his truck way more than one generally would after that.

6. Body parts

Drug paraphernalia and other illegal items are not the only things that can come up in dumpsters when you least expect them. Besides the stray needles and the occasional guns that people stumble upon, there are also body parts! And, while it sounds right out of a serial killer movie, it is not always a murderer out on the lose (they would generally just leave the body as a whole).

Some medical facilities end up having to dispose of body parts, such as amputated parts and there are waste factories that cater to that specific sector, getting rid of them. Those people have seen every body part and more, but we can definitely think about just how creepy it would be to see something like this.

You truly have to have a tough stomach to work in the garbage disposal industry. And we don’t just mean that because of the smell…

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