8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jill Biden

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First Ladies end up being in the shadow of their husbands after they are sworn into their role as President of the United States. And while people are curious about what they are doing as their husbands work, most of them have had long life accomplishments and careers, before they became First Ladies. This is true for Dr. Jill Biden as well. As the public knows her as the wife of former vice president and current President Joe Biden, as a devoted mother, grandmother, proud military mom, lifelong educator, and hardworking activist in her community.

But there are a lot of small things that the public does not know about her. Of course, just like with the ex-First Ladies, the media will concentrate on what she and her husband do now, and forget about her old accomplishments. Everything that she will do will be put under a lens, so it is good to remember what she did before she became known as the wife of Joe Biden.

We have gathered a few things that are not known about Dr. Jill Biden in this easy to access list. Did you know about any of these beforehand?

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