Top 6 Forbidden Places Nobody Can Visit in The US

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Even though the U.S. is the land of opportunity, there are some places in the country where you can’t exactly say it’s possible to get in. It may seem strange to you but there are a few ”hot” spots around America where no visitors are allowed.

From the most exclusive clubs to military bases, there are some interesting stories about these places and why you are not allowed to get in there as much as you would like to. Let’s take a look at these interesting places and where they’re located:

1. An exclusive club inside Disneyland

Okay, we know that Disney is a shady business, so maybe that’s why it doesn’t surprise us one bit that inside Disneyland’s New Orleans Square there’s a club called Club 33 and its membership is around $30,000/year.

If that doesn’t raise some question marks above your head then brace yourself: you can get in by knowing a member or you have to be put on the waiting list, which means 14 YEARS!

Until recently, the club was the only spot in the whole park where you could’ve gotten alcohol. There is some speculation regarding the number, some people say it comes from the address ( 33 Royal Street) or from the number of corporate sponsors of the park.

Either way, there’s something that doesn’t sit right with me in this club.

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