6 Most Iconic Super Bowl Ads of All Time

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There has been a lot of buzz around the Super Bowl over the years, from the performances to the sponsors and, obviously, the teams that are playing. But while all of these create excitement and turn the sports event into one of the most profitable one night sports events each year, there is one thing that makes them just as much money if not more:…the advertisements! There are thousands of people in attendance to see the game live, but there are millions that watch the event on television.

This is where the advertising spots bring in the big money. They are paying tens of hundreds of dollars for a spot on the SuperBowl ad reel and for good measure. The exposure is huge, so they have to make sure the advertisements are also good as millions of people will see it! That is how some of the biggest brands in the world have gathered a cult like following and how some of the most iconic advertisements have been made for the SuperBowl breaktime.

Here we have gathered some of the most memorable TV ads that have been broadcast during the Super Bowl, some of which have won advertising awards, others because they either marked the start of a historic moment or just because the message in it was astounding.

Do you remember seeing these Superbowl ads?

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