7 Things You Did Not Know About Melania Trump

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A lot of the people who have reported on Melania Trump have made a point to showcase her modeling career, critique her from the lens of her husband or her clothing choices (which sometimes are missing the mark), or just to compare her with the former First Ladies. Even now, when the Biden administration has taken over for almost a year, she is still at the forefront of the media’s attention. With speculations of divorce and other shenanigans, it seems like there is a lot that is being said about her, but not much of value.

We have compiled a list of things you may not have known about her, be it because you have not seen anything of the sort online before or that it has not been something that has been on your radar yet. Do not worry, we made sure to gather the most interesting facts and to showcase that there is more to her than her husband! After all, she is her own person and with how everyone’s been writing articles about the now First Lady Jill Biden, it is good to look at her predecessors too!

Let us know if you knew these things about Melania Trump before, or if any of them took you by surprise!

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