Melania Trump’s 6 Most Expensive Outfits

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a model? Well, Melania Trump has been doing it since she was 5 years old, and fashion has been in her life ever since she walked that first catwalk back in then Yugoslavia (today’s Slovenia). It is obvious just by looking at her that she is not only a very gorgeous woman but also a very well dressed one. Despite some very ill choices when it came to her fashion choices, Melania has never looked anything but impeccable. Yet, is her style something anyone could achieve?

Obviously, since she was a model for a really long time, she is used to not only very high fashion but also very expensive clothes. Her fashion collection is probably in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a First Lady, she got to be in front of tens of cameras, and her attire needed to be both fit for the occasion and also denote the importance of her title. Despite what some ill intentioned people would say, no, taxpayers did not pay for her wardrobe. She either did so herself or there are designers who offer their pieces to First Ladies for free. If this was the case for her we will never know, but we also thought dispelling that myth was important too.

Here we present some of the most expensive (and at times outrageous) clothes that Melania Trump has worn as a First Lady!

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