6 Towns So Toxic You Still Can’t Live In

Image by Snowy Road from Envato Elements

Have you ever wondered why there are so many apocalyptic films? That is because ever since the dawn of time, people have been fascinated by disasters. Be they natural ones, man-made ones, or some that happen out of anyone’s control, they can happen at any time, and this is why so many are fascinated by them. Despite this, you don’t need to search far and wide for a realistic movie that tells the story of a town struck by tragedy, as there are plenty of real-life stories of abandoned, toxic to live in towns!

Yes, they don’t exist just in movies! If anything, the stories of these towns have inspired some of the movies and horror games franchises that are extremely popular today. We cannot undo the past, yet we can learn from it and learn the history of these towns, which even years later are impossible to live in. From old mining towns that led to the infestation of the whole area with toxic metals and minerals to accidents that have doomed thousands, we have gathered them all here!

Let us know if you’ve heard of these towns before!

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