Attention: These Billionaires Could Buy Your City

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Have you ever wondered if you could buy a city? The answer is actually yes, yes you can. With tiny towns that barely exist and are on the brink of extinction, some cities are up for sale, and you can become their owner. But, we are not talking about those little cities here that you can sometimes get for about $10,000, no. We are talking entire metropolises, huge cities, and the many billionaires that could buy them. Not only that, but with how many people talk about Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, they seem to have forgotten that there are many more other millionaires that are sitting, very comfortably on a ton of money.

We all know that the world’s wealthiest have some net worths that the average American could not even dream of. And with the pandemic, some of them got even wealthier (shocker, we know)! However, it is quite hard for most of us to think about just how wealthy these people are. We thought that the best way to see how rich they are is to compare how much they are worth with the debt of some of America’s largest cities, by using the data found online. It’s not that they could actually buy them, but they could use their wealth to take ownership of these cities if the cities paid off their debts.

The most shocking thing yet? Some of them wouldn’t even use a fraction of their net worth to get these cities out of debt, so they could buy several of them before their net worth would run out! If you ever felt bad about your finances, this goes to show just how much wealthier some people are. Some of them we don’t even know about!

Let us know if your city is among the ones these millionaires could “buy”!

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