Russia’s Next 4 Targets

Harkiv Ukraine
Image By Seneline From Shutterstock

There is a lot of news and panic around what is happening in Ukraine, with many not being able to comprehend how something like this could happen in 2022. With Europe having such a bloody history when it comes to wars and violence, many would have thought that full-blown war between two big countries, especially with one as big as Russia, would never be seen again after World War II. However, there are other voices who claim that with Russia under Vladimir Putin’s rule, all cards were on the table.

As we see the situation continue to escalate every day and there seems to be no resolution in the nearby future, it makes us think about the fact that as sudden as this was, there could always be another country attacked in the same way. And as much as we wouldn’t like that to happen, this situation proved that if Russia has a problem with someone or any interest in the region, they will strike whenever they like.
But who is at risk of being attacked by Russian forces?

Here we have gathered the most likely targets of the Kremlin if Ukraine were to fall.

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