10 Amazing Things Only ’70s Homes Used to Have

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Ahh, the good ole ’70s! I think we all remember just how much more relaxing those times were, more mellow. You could just take it easy and just enjoy yourself. To use the lingo of the day, dare I say it was chiller? And how could it have been otherwise when disco music was at its peak, we could always go out to have fun on roller skates no matter our age, and “Jaws” was the most terrifying movie out there?

Not to mention, the houses were much more practical, and they all had their own specific flair. I remember my parents’ house, which was a one-story building with a ranch aesthetic, while my grandparents had a split level, so my siblings and I got the best of both worlds. What was the most exciting thing about the design choices we had back then? They were bold and bright, compared to the minimalistic aesthetic that’s preferred nowadays.

Some weren’t the best choices, dare I call them a bit tacky? But others were actually quite innovative and amazing, and they made each home unique in their own way. No one said a little nostalgia isn’t good for you, so join me on a trip to the past and let me present to you the best things ’70s homes used to have!

Please let me know which items you liked best or if you think another should be added to the list!

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