10 Of The Funniest Church Signs Ever

Image By EQRoy From Shutterstock

Have you ever thought about the church and associated it with jokes? It’s not something we all do on a daily basis, but you can bet you will find some of the most hilarious jokes in the most unexpected places: just like the church. And it isn’t like suddenly churches turned into stand-up comedy bars, no.

When many head to church on Sunday (as it’s something akin to a tradition many strive to keep), they see these signs that churches have put up. Whether they are there to make people crack a smile or to actually announce anything important, sometimes they give us the best of both worlds! And truly, some churches are so creative with their jokes that they will definitely make even the most pious of us laugh here and there.

Don’t believe us? We got a few pictures to prove that some churches are sometimes better than comedians! And when you put them in the context of something holy, they become even more hilarious. So keep your eyes peeled. Maybe you will find some examples in your own congregations.

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