6 Historically Longest-Lasting Royal Marriages

Image By Shaun Jeffers From Shutterstock

Have you ever wondered if royals have marriages as long as some people claim? Since divorce is generally frowned upon when it comes to royals, it isn’t that surprising that some have had very long marriages. Yet for some of them, we can barely believe they’ve gone on for so long! It may not sound that amazing, but if you have seen your parents’ 60th wedding anniversary, you know just how special these occasions are.

After all, some people don’t even get to live that long! And there are some pairs on our list that go past the 60-year mark! We’re all a little bit nosy, so we have gathered some of the longest-lasting royal marriages in history! Read along to find out more about where these monarchs are from, how they met, and other tidbits about their lives!

Which is the longest marriage you know of in your day-to-day life?

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