Top 4 Scams Still Going Around and How You Can Avoid Them

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Have you ever wondered if those old scams that were practiced on the landline are still going around? Because if your answer is yes, we have brought you the answer! There are still tons of scams out there, with the Consumers Assistance Program (CAP) reporting over 5,000 scams last year alone! And these impersonators have only one thing on their mind: getting your money and personal details with no remorse whatsoever.

And surely, you might think that it could never happen to you. But statistics are going against you, as these scammers get more and more inventive as time goes by. Despite everything, you may still be in that percentage that would never fall for such obvious telephone or email scams, but we bet you know one or two people in your close circle that aren’t as tech-savvy as you are!

So keep your friends and family safe by reading all about some of the most popular scams of 2021 that are still popular in 2022 and how you can identify and avoid them! You never know when you may become their next target.

Has anyone ever tried to scam YOU before?

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