5 Most Shocking Moments From Amber Heard’s Testimony

Image By Denis Makarenko From Shutterstock

This may just be the biggest lawsuit between celebrities that we have seen so far. And while most of us would like to just go on with our days and forget this ever happened, it’s not something that will happen anytime soon. After all, not only is this such a big show that everyone has their eyes on it, even by accident (we’re guilty of that), but we cannot deny that it’s a very high-stakes trial.

While not a lot of us are familiar with Amber Heard, we all know about Johnny Depp. And with the last few weeks concentrating on his part of the story, now we get to see what Amber Heard has to say about her relationship with the ex-Disney actor and any other dark secrets that are allegedly hidden in their closet.

With many things having been exposed in the weeks prior by Johnny Depp, now we turn our attention towards Amber Heard and what she had to say before Depp’s attorneys had gotten the chance to question her.

Have you been paying attention to this lawsuit?

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