6 Shady Comments Celebrities Have Made About Each Other

Image By vipflash From Shutterstock

In the midst of one of the biggest celebrity lawsuits in recent years, we all stop to think if there have been less serious allegations between celebrities. And when we think back on the stunt Will Smith pulled at the Oscars earlier this year, it is indeed proven that quite a lot of them have had disagreements, sometimes for some of the most ridiculous reasons.

At times, we stopped to think that people must really be that bored at home if they were feuding over such little things. But apparently, when not booked and busy, celebrities have a lot of time to share their beef with others online! We have gathered some of the snarkiest and shadiest remarks between celebrities over the years, to satisfy your curiosity (cause’ we admit we were dying to know)! And some of them are even one-sided!

Let us know if you remember these famous celebrity fights, or if any of them surprised you!

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