6 Terrible, But Extremely Funny Foreign Sign Translations

Image By Lance Sagar From Shutterstock

We all appreciate it when we’re in a foreign country and we find signs that are written in English. After all, it’s our best bet to get around since even if we do know a foreign language, we cannot possibly know them all. And since we all love to travel, more often than not, we have to rely on the languages we do know. But what do we do when the sign is in English, but we don’t understand a word of it?

That’s when we meet the dreaded variable that makes any sign impossible: translations! Not everyone can afford a fancy translator, and there are more times than we know when Google Translate makes fun of us or just gives a completely horrible version. The sad part is when that bad translation gets printed on a sign!

Here we continue our funny journey into the land of signs, with the funniest translations printed on signs and labels you will ever find! Keep in mind that it’s okay to laugh at something funny as long as you don’t make fun of the people who wrote it!

Let us know which one made you laugh the most!

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