6 Mind-blowing Eating Competitions

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There’s a competition for anything out there, but what is more American than eating competitions? Sure, there are other things, but we have become so prolific at food competitions and challenges of the sort here in the United States that there is an actual Major League Eating (which is comparable to the baseball one).

And while we all know about the fun local festival eating challenges, there are some nationwide ones that offer big cash prizes for their winners, and there are a lot of world record holders that are famous for this one thing: eating! It may sound weird for some to be famous for eating, but when you think about it, not a lot of us could actually eat more than a few of the same items in under 10 minutes. Some of the people on our list ate over 100!

We have gathered some of the most mind-blowing and weird eating competitions that are definitely going to surprise you with their choice of food, the world record that was set, or just through the legacy that they have built over the years. It’s normal to be curious. We sure are nosy!

Let us know if you ever participate in any eating competitions!

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