How Celebrities Would Look Like If They Never Became Famous


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

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12 thoughts on “How Celebrities Would Look Like If They Never Became Famous”

    1. I agree- they might not. Though I really could see a couple of them looking *exactly* that way, because their personalities are like the photos..

      It’s sad to say but if Lindsay Lohan looked like the heavy-set gal, it would be an improvement! :-/
      *That* gal has a cute smile,is rather pretty and even has sweet dimples.
      She’s way overweight for her frame and age, so she looks sloppy.
      But while Lohan used to be quite pretty, she looks terrible now- and she’s not overweight at all. The heavy-set young woman is more appealing.

  1. noticias virales

    Haha well, some of them is even getting closer to these pictures!

    Cool site by the way (first time visitor).

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