The 20 States That Might Be Headed to Another Lockdown


Months ago the specialists predicted another lockdown in the fall, and now the time has come, some states are prepared to start another lockdown. As recent data from the New York Times has shown, all 50 states have recorded a large number of cases, with more than 100,000 new daily COVID-19 cases for the last seven days in a row.

As of November, half of the states are ready to start another lockdown and Governors have instituted new restrictions on restaurants and bars, and even curfews in order to stop the spread of the virus. Read on to discover which are the 20 states headed for another lockdown and find out how to stay safe during these harsh times!

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20 thoughts on “The 20 States That Might Be Headed to Another Lockdown”

  1. I’m ashamed of Kim Reynolds. Most Iowans have already been doing what is right in public; she honored us by trusting us to do so. Now, she is becoming someone I don’t trust. Around the globe, lockdown populations vs non-lockdown populations are showing quite identical results. So why the lockdowns???

  2. Belmont Urgelowich

    The Democrats want to do lock downs again we can’t let them win they want to cripple the American people and take away our rights they want to make this a Communist Country we can’t and won’t let this happen

    1. Yes you are correct. i live in Pennsylvania an the hospital here where I am is almost empty
      no patients. Its all lies!

    2. Kurt Gundersen

      I totally agree with you. The Democratic Party has been bought and paid for through untraced money donations. When you see mail in ballots and 99.9% were for Biden it only confirms my suspicion of an illicit campaign. How can we prevent our country from being taken over by Socialism and the Communism?

  3. I really hope those who voted for that lying communist, Biden, are happy with what they’ve done to our country. I’d be willing to bet the old homestead that when he manages to take away our homes, our bank accounts, our furniture and everything else so the government can rule us those so called democrats will be the first to cry, whine and complain.

  4. Wake up and know that we have all to do the right thing if we are all to live and be with our families again.I t is not hard, wear masks stay away from crouds, look around at the people who died every day and dont take this lightly, how many more have to die before you listion

    1. Haven’t you all heard it has been proven that masks don’t work at all!!!! The survival rate on this virus is about 99.99 on people under 30 and 99.8 on people 35 to 55 and about 98.7 on healthy people 55 to 70. the odds are good above 70 too if you don’t have health problems that predispose you to having more trouble. It is those people of which I am one that needs to stay away from crowds, have your groceries delivered, order some good books delivered from Amazon, try a new recipe or two or garden if you are in a warm state. The majority of people need to get back to work and save our small businesses which are the lifeblood of our country. What we have to WAKE UP to is the Democrat party used fear tactics to hype this virus up to plague proportions to manipulate us into giving up our freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. No more people have died from this than the flu. They lumped flu deaths in with Covid to up the death count and also heart attack victims, car and motorcycle deaths ect. This whole thing is a sad hoax.

  5. If the medical experts say that’s what we need we need to follow their recommendations to beat this awful vires. That includes Louisiana.
    Concerned Patriot

  6. Typical liberal democrat response. You cannot lockdown. People have bills that must be paid. Do you think the government is going to pay your bills. Will you pay my bills. Of course not. I’m going to work, I’ll wear a mask I’ll even wash my hands, but if you think that lockdowns and those things will end this virus you are sadly mistaken.

  7. Masks don’t really work. I’ve done the research. Keeping distance and washing your hands does. Protect the most vulnerable and let the rest of us live our lives normally.

    1. Show the evidence of your research. Masks do work. Why do you think health professionals have been wearing masks all these years while working with their patients during procedures? All the evidence I have seen says they work to reduce the risks….

  8. Richard Schmidt

    Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? So, if masks work, if social distancing works, if sanitizing carts, hands, etc., works, if staying home works, then why the increase? Just like the “normal” flu that comes around each season, they have a life of their own and when they run their course, they go away. Hum…maybe Dr. Atlas is right!

  9. I am truly frightened by the large numbers of Trump supporters that have been and are believing his lies. People are dying in larger numbers than in any other time and so many people refuse to believe it is real. He is a con man and a criminal, stealing from his own supporters. It is all theater.
    The presidency has turned into a fantasy television program. I pray every night that God will somehow save our country because our democracy is in real peril. I challenge you to watch something besides Fox and Newsmax one day a week. Listen and think.

    1. Thank you for your sensible remarks. I can’t believe that people actually believe the lies that Trump has told, with real evidence of his lying. I have worked the polls for years and there is no way ballots can be stolen or destroyed or thrown away. Every poll has Republicans as well as Democrats working the polls and watching the action. Trump lies. It is a very controlled operation. And as for the donations he is now seeking, what is the matter with people???? Don’t they know what they are donating their well-earned money to???? I pray every night as well, Patricia, that God will help to save us all. Trump, go home and keep quiet. I’m so tired of hearing you whine because you finally have been put in your place…hopefully out of politics forever. More than 80 million people agree.

  10. then you dont care if others family dies, you must have been abandoned at birth, you call the dems names but your 45 ignored and encouraged you to ignore it until we reached this crisis, the only good thing is they know how to treat it better, but if the numbers are so good, why is the middle of the country asking for help,

  11. Trump has been a President of the people.. He has accomplished a lot in the four years he was in office and would have done more if those Democrats had been worried about this country instead of being bought out by China. Trying to impeach the sitting president for the garbage they tried to sell the American people, was just a waste of time and money! And that was a proven fact that there was no Russian collusion trying to work their way with the election. How many people in this country actually believe the crap the Dems tried to put forth. Biden is not nor will he ever be my president. Trump was my president and I will always believe in what he tried to do to make this country great again!!

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