How Effective Is the New Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, According to Experts

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With the number of cases still going up in the United States, people are hoping that the vaccine will slow the spread of the virus. Since there aren’t enough vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, people are interested in finding out how efficient the new Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine really is, as it would probably be the next approved vaccine in the United States.

What differentiates Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccines from the Johnson & Johnson one, is that the last one is a single-dose vaccine, therefore, more people will be able to become immunized in a shorter period of time. However, the results of the clinical trials have shown that Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is less effective than the two present in the United States at the moment, Pfizer and Moderna.

Read on to find out how efficient the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine really is, and more info about it!

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