Some People Might Be Forced to Get Vaccinated, According to Experts

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After a devastating year for our country, the COVID-19 vaccine has come to our rescue in the fight against the virus. The vaccine’s purpose is to slow the spread of the virus, or even stop it, if possible. With more and more people getting immunized in the United States, there are a lot of places where people might be forced to get vaccinated, in the attempt to avoid outbreaks from happening again.

College campuses are among the places that might require a COVID vaccine since it’s a place where the virus could spread very rapidly due to a large number of students. Therefore, students might be forced to get inoculated before returning back to class.

Read on to find out the reason behind these requirements!

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1 thought on “Some People Might Be Forced to Get Vaccinated, According to Experts”

  1. You used a very misleading choice of words–no one can be “FORCED” to take the vaccine, but (students,
    for example) CAN be FACED with the decision to vaccinate or relinquish their privilege of returning to campus–RIGHT?!

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