11 Signs You’re a Good Neighbor

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We all know how annoying bad neighbors can get, with their late-night gatherings, loud music, all the gossip, and the barking dog. That’s why it’s important to spend some time in the neighborhood before buying a house and have a conversation with your future neighbors, in order to see what types of people live on that street.

However, not all neighbors are bad, and if you’re lucky, you’re going to come across very nice people in your area. But in order to have good neighbors, you need to become a good one yourself.
And being a good neighbor is more than sharing a cup of sugar with them from time to time. A survey conducted by FindLaw.com has shown that more than 42 percent of Americans had at least one conflict with a certain neighbor over the years.

However, constant disputes with your neighbors can make you feel less safe, and your neighborhood will become an unpleasant place, where people are not getting along. Additionally, if disputes are taken to the next level, just like it happens in some cases, they might escalate to the court system, which will turn out to be very expensive.

In order to avoid these things from happening, focus on being a good neighbor yourself, and those around you will do the same. Read on to discover the 11 signs you’re a good neighbor!

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