#7 Most rattlesnakes held in mouth by their tails

The most rattlesnakes held in someone’s mouth by their tails is 13 and it was achieved by Texas snakeman Jackie Bibby. He held the snakes for 10 seconds in front of a live audience breaking his previous record of 11 snakes. Bibby has been handling snakes for a long time and has been bitten a total of 11 times. The 11th rattlesnake bite cost Bibby his leg (and nearly his life).

#6 Heaviest weight lifted with the human tongue

The world record for the heaviest weight lifted with the human tongue was set by Thomas Blackthorne in 2008. Blackthorne was able to lift 12.5 kg (27 lb) using his tongue which was then pierced by a hook holding the weight. Blackthorne managed to hold the weights for over 5 seconds on the set of El Show Olímpico in Mexico City, Mexico.

#5 Longest hiccup attack

What’s the longest hiccup attack you’ve ever had? Is it longer then the world’s record holder? Charles Osborne started hiccuping in 1922 while weighing a hog. It wasn’t until 1990 (68 years later!) that he was able to stop hiccuping. During the first few decades Osborne hiccuped around 40 times per minute. This rate slowed down in later years to 20 hiccups per minute. The hiccups were due to a busted blood vessel which damaged a part of the brain that inhibits the hiccup response.

#4 Heaviest person

According to recent statistics its estimated that over 2 billion people are overweight or obese worldwide. The heaviest person from among all these people is a man named Jon Brower Minnoch. Since childhood, Jon had suffered from morbid obesity. At his heaviest, he weighed 1,400 lbs (635 Kg) but was able to bring his weight down to 476 lbs in a period of two years by following a strict 1,200 calories per day diet. Sadly, Jon died on September 10th 1983 weighing 798 lbs.

#3 Farthest car accident flight survived

American paramedic Matt McKnight was at an accident scene in Pennsylvania when he got struck by a car and thrown a distance of 35.9 m (118 ft) along the road. He suffered multiple injuries all over his body but made a full recovery and returned to work a year later.

#2 Highest pool dive

In 2015, Brazil-born Swiss Laso Schaller dove into a pool below the Cascada de Salto Waterfalls from a height of 59 m (193 ft), setting a new world record for the highest pool dive. After hitting the water (at an estimated speed of 122 km/h or 76 mph), Schaller dislocated his hip but survived.

#1 Strangest diet

When it comes to eating bizarre things, nobody will ever beat Frenchman Michel Lolito. During his lifetime, Lolito ate 18 bicycles, 15 supermarket trolleys, 7 TV sets, 6 chandeliers, 2 beds, one pair of skis, one computer and even one Cessna light aircraft.